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44+ Charming Front Porch Ideas and Chic Porch Design Images 2021

Our homes are generally a place we are proud of and nothing welcomes customers like a well-designed porch. Since this is literally the first thing you see about your home, the way it is perceived from the street side, as well as when approaching customers, is a detail that can worry the hostess or the kind host.

Enough privacy and sufficient hospitality are balanced in this small porch dominated by a framed and contrasting door. The comfortable seats make it an ideal place to sit and watch life go by, but without a view completely erased by passers-by in the neighborhood.

It can also be used as a place for entertainment or relaxation and should reflect the owners’ taste in decoration a little. If you have problems with ideas for your lanai or if you need an update and are looking for lanai remodeling ideas, take a look at the following to fit any home style.

front porch furniture

Houses with a porch, made of wood or stone, have this structural element that is very common in homes with a warm climate, such as the Mediterranean and is different from pergolas, which are spaces only to create shade.

In addition to being of capital importance in terms of the architecture of the house and its decorative atmosphere, it is a place that allows you to be outdoors and enjoy nature.

For this reason it is considered that a porch is one more room in the house, possibly more “lived” than any other. In this sense, its decoration is basic.

It is important to study its location and design in relation to the house to achieve a practical objective in its use.


In this new post from Abitare Decoracion, we present photos of porches with decoration ideas for your home.

During the summer holidays, the porches and terraces become spaces to disconnect, enjoy and spend the greatest number of hours outdoors where you can live at a leisurely pace.

Furniture and decorative accessories made of natural fiber, in addition to having special qualities for exteriors such as ease of cleaning and resistance to the sun, are fashionable in the interiors and exteriors of our homes.

front porch decor

Decorating for fall has become extremely popular in recent years. All the farmers markets and road stalls are packed with all kinds of usage possibilities. You don’t even need a trip to a craft store. With a few pineapples, seed pods, twigs and berries picked on a country walk, your porch will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Not all houses have the option of having a front porch, but the one that is built in a way that you can afford it is one of the most attractive corners of the house. Can you imagine sitting down during the spring or summer, having breakfast in the morning or taking the air in the afternoon… a marvel.

When you think about decorating the front porch, you have to keep in mind that it is the first thing that the visitors who come home will see, even your neighbors have a vision of your porch, therefore you have to be careful and think about what impression you want to create.
It is important that being a space that will be the preamble to the house, it does not distort too much with what we are going to find inside.

front porch step

There is nothing more romantic than having a lemonade on your front porch on a summer afternoon. Originally designed as areas to cool off during the heat, today garden porches are areas destined for relaxation and entertainment. Today we have prepared a wonderful selection of images of houses with garden porches, do not miss this tour and take note of some practical ideas.


Let’s start with this original modern architecture design that we can see above. The Vader House in Melbourne, Australia is a modern extension to a Victorian-style terrace in the inner city designed by Andrew Maynard Architects. A steel frame wraps around the tall exterior walls. The patio in the center of the property is strategically located so that the old terrace and the extension have direct access to the outside space. The plan for the extension is complex and functional. The outer wall is also the inner kitchen wall. The retractable wooden deck opens to reveal a hidden spa in the middle of the patio.


The designers at Studio MK27 are the authors of this truly impressive contemporary house located in Bragança Paulista, Brazil. Despite the overall vision of the luxury home, the interior design is not as stark as you might expect. It is actually very warm and welcoming. A fantastic view over the nearby environment will make its way in front of the visitor’s eye which will give way to an impressive terrace. The terrace porch is a key point in the architecture. The ceiling, which is a low concrete porch, morphs into a wooden slat construction as it moves through the living rooms.

small front porch ideas

The characteristics, the shape and the entire design of a porch will depend on various factors such as the architecture, the environment, the climatic conditions or the needs of the inhabitants, among others. Since buildings today create synthesis between interior and exterior, garden porches and covered terraces have been making their way into modern architecture around the world. Below you can find more images of modern houses with a porch and remember that if you want to continue learning about more trends and news, you should not stop visiting our page, we are waiting for you.

These modern porches can be extremely varied, possibly unique, and no common design theme classifies them into a particular style, and this is what makes them so interesting. Home plans are good sources for new ideas that you have not previously considered. Here you can see some porch house plans that feature the latest in design.

An interesting observation we have made is that many modern houses lack large porches. If they have a porch, most are small porches or relatively small in overall design. If there is no porch, there is usually a gable above the door and light panels on either side.

front porch railing ideas

Because many modern homes are in neighborhoods, the size of the block ends up limiting the size of the porch. When you only have a small area to build in, interior space is at a premium and porches are therefore minimized in most cases.

Our homes and yards are often personal expressions of who we are, and unless we live by the rules of a homeowners association, we can decorate the landscape and decorate our front yards however we please.

However, some landscaping and decorating options are best avoided. Among them: anything highly personalized, valuable, potentially offensive, or associated with hoarding.


Many cities and residential communities enforce or prohibit what you can and cannot do with your front yard, including gardening, decorating, and even operating something as innocent as a lemonade stand.

Before building anything, make plans or invest time and money in your personal front yard project, check local codes and ordinances.


front porch decorating ideas

Maybe you have a knack for finding valuable things at real estate or garage sales and then spinning it around for a nice profit. Good for you! But when you start putting up garage sale signs in your neighborhood and take out the same old items weekend after weekend (or more often), you’re running a business from home. Your neighbors may not appreciate the early morning traffic and occasional riffs that garage sales can attract.

There are some things that should remain in a backyard where it is private. Outdoor hot tubs and showers are luxuries that provide homeowners with hours of therapy, relaxation, and intimacy. Even if you’re wearing a bathing suit, you shouldn’t want to – and your neighbors don’t want to see you get in and out of the hot tub.

So even though the plaid velvet sofa is comfortable and it fits on the front porch it doesn’t mean it should be there. Do everyone in the neighborhood a favor: donate the sofa, sell it, or post it as a gift and get yourself some real porch furniture that’s as nice to look at as it is comfortable.

The same goes for a sofa sitting somewhere on the patio. Indoor sofas must stay indoors. You don’t want the place to look like a run-down fraternity house.

front porch chairs

A rug hung over the front balcony railing. A clothesline that runs from the edge of the front column to the side fence. The wetsuit that hangs near the driveway or in the garage lets everyone know that you have free time to dive or surf.

You are literally airing your clothes in public. Yes, it is clean, not dirty, but it does not belong in the front yard. Air drying motion is good, when limited to a side or backyard. Obviously this is one of the biggest mistakes in front yards.

Lawn Trim: Gnomes, geese, and flamingos are common front yard mistakes.

Whether these characters are there for fun or because you really love them, just think of the collection you can amass, without danger of theft, when they can happily gather in your backyard. That way, you can enjoy the geese, flamingos, mischievous gnomes and peining-boy pond statues in private, just you and them.

Ever since he traveled to Hawaii, he has been trying to recreate a tropical paradise in his own front and back yards. The problem is that you live in a climate that experiences four seasons, and the tropical and subtropical plants you ordered don’t survive. And the ones that are, they don’t seem too healthy. There’s a reason some plants thrive in their native habitats: Climate, soil, and environment cooperate, and everything that grows there flourishes quite a bit.

front porch swing

The intention is friendly and innocent: share books with neighbors and passersby. Some cities and areas encourage you, and you’ll see little weatherproof shelters on the edge of a property that houses books and magazines to borrow or take out.

Not everyone loves the idea and it is one of the constant mistakes in the front yards. Check with your city or municipality for regulations on home or neighborhood libraries before building a small shelter, just to see if local code makers are closing the place.

However, those interruptions may not be the fault of other people. If you have a house with a front and a backyard, why exactly is your patio table sitting there, right in the middle of your gravel landscape, four feet from the sidewalk? Sure, it’s pretty, rustic, and adds a Tuscan flair to the outside of your home, but who wants to see you munch on a burger in your backyard, sauce running down your chin? Really? Pick up that table now and relocate it to your nice, private backyard. Your neighbors will survive without seeing what you eat and drink each night.

Of course, if you live in an urban setting, where the front and back yards are blurry and everything is communal, forget this tip. The same goes for parties and large gatherings where you need to use every foot of outdoor space.

front porch designs

There you are, enjoying grilled salmon, farm vegetables, and corn on the cob with a glass of wine al fresco. Living the dream, outdoors. What could ruin this image? Cars passed by, their owners returned home from work; Maybe the person who delivers the pizza?

That big red and yellow plastic play set and castle that your sister in law gave you as a legacy is a hit with your kids. Even neighborhood kids can be found on the slide when you’re not home.

Yes, they argue, it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids when the play gym is in the front yard, plus it could attract future friends. But plastic, wooden, or any type of children’s play is safer and more private in a backyard. The soft material can be placed under the feet, to prevent or soften falls. You or another adult can watch over them safely from the confines of a fenced yard. And if a ball goes out of play, it won’t be in the middle of a busy fairway.

front porch lights

Choosing an outdoor lamp that perfectly matches the style of your home is no easy task, but it is an important design option that can take your property to the next level. Here are 5 ideas and tips for front porch lighting, you are sure to find one of your favorites among this collection of outdoor porch lights.

If you have a porch, then by all means use it. If a dark or dated design deters you from making the most of it, let our gallery of porch remodel ideas lead to more satisfying outdoor socializing.

Porches come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t need to have the wraparound porch of a southern plantation to properly entertain yourself outside.

Our list of porch remodel ideas includes concepts suitable for everything from a concrete slab to a four-season room.

You don’t need a lot of space to create a lot of character; that’s what doors, floors and decorations are for.

Our gallery will show you how to cover dated exterior details. Transform dark brick into something lighter and more airy.

front porch railing

Designing a house is not an easy task, but it is even more complicated to decorate it. Finding the right style for your tastes can be quite a headache. There are many options, and it all depends on the tastes of each one of us. When we talk about decoration, we are not only referring to the interior areas, but it is also important to know how to give that special touch to the exterior. For this reason, today we want to show you some ideas to decorate your front yard and give it that look you’ve always dreamed of.

Having a small front yard in our house can offer us many options. It is the ideal place to go out and have some fresh air or to hold a meeting with friends or family. In exchange for this, it requires an effort on our part to always have it perfect. Many people often leave this area abandoned because they do not know what to do with it. If this is your case, keep reading because the ideas that we bring you to decorate your front yard are going to enchant you.

To decorate your front yard, the simplest thing is to plant those flowers that we like the most. This will be possible as long as we have an area to do it. If not, we can do it by planting potted flowers. The idea is to use flowers whose colors serve to highlight all that space. In this way we will be able to rejuvenate our outdoor patio without much effort. By the way, don’t forget to eliminate any weeds that appear.

enclosed front porch

Neutral lines always look good and the front yard was not going to be the exception. A good and effortless idea is to lay out a perfectly manicured lawn with clusters of white flowers around it. All this can be accompanied by small bushes. Simple but very effective ideas.

If what you are looking for is to create a more recharged environment, what you should do is place a large amount of vegetation, right up to the front door of our house. Let’s not forget to use plants of different shades to give it a more striking touch.

There are times when we do not have a front patio prepared for nature, but we can always find any corner to give it a very special touch. If you do not have the opportunity to plant in the ground, do not hesitate and use pots. The result can be just as striking.

front porch pantry

The larger the plot on which the house has been built, the larger the patio that will be available. This does not mean that you have to carry all the space with plants. What we must do is choose those varieties that we like the most and that best suit our area. Using warm colors such as yellow can help us achieve our goal.

Designed for those who are looking for something more in line with their personality and tastes, one of the best options is to use plants whose colors are on our list of favorites. But before planting like crazy, think about what the combination of those colors would look like and most importantly, if these plants are fully compatible to live close to each other.

If your house is modern in style where simple lines reign, do not seek to load the patio as too many elements. Rather, he opts for the opposite, that is, simple lines and the basic elements. Besides plants, you can use other objects to decorate that space.

front porch bench

As we have commented in the previous point, it is not always necessary that all the space is occupied by plants. There are cases in which we can play with other types of decorative elements such as stones or plants placed in pots. In the photo above, you can see how well the use of the stones looks with the green of the grass.

After looking at these simple ideas to decorate your front yard, what other things do you think can be used to give it a special touch? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

Sedum is a light green perennial with yellow flowers that is self-propagating, thrives in full sun, and doesn’t need a lot of water or maintenance to survive. Another great option is to create a path decorated with lemon thyme herb in your mosaic pattern.

farmhouse front porch

Natural colors appear in modern front yards. Plant white hydrangeas against lush greenery to make your front yard look more vibrant. Many contemporary front yards still include an abundance of colorful flowering plants. Keep them in check and in nice color clumps to avoid the messy look.

Inject some Japanese inspiration into your front yard with wooden boxes, water features, and natural stone blocks. Contemporary garden designs include clean, clear lines, sharp patterns and shapes. The foliages are domesticated, the plants are structured, and the different areas are defined.



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