"> 46+ Best decorating bathroom shelves design ideas 2021
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46+ Best decorating bathroom shelves design ideas 2021

The bathroom is a place for private personal activities and some things are needed to perform these activities. That’s why a bathroom has storage spaces like a vanity, a closet and shelves. But each bathroom has different designs regarding storage. Some would only use a vanity, especially since most modular designs are already supplied with a complete package.

Despite this, additional shelves would never go wrong. It can also be a saving of space and additional decorations while functioning as a storage area. Today, we show you the different bathroom models with shelves. This will give you ideas for bathroom shelf design, especially if you are currently working on the design of your bathroom.

Open shelves with insert for bathroom accessories were used for this bathroom. The use of floating wooden shelves is a good idea as it adds to the atmosphere of the area.



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