"> 47+ Kitchen Makeovers Design Ideas With Before and After Images 2021
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47+ Kitchen Makeovers Design Ideas With Before and After Images 2021

Renovation ideas you will love. The well-used and loved cuisine deserves our infinite praise. They are the center of our lively families and the setting for countless meals, handicrafts, projects, conversations and happy memories. The goal: to make them elegant and functional. A well-designed kitchen is absolutely imperative, but the idea of ​​a full-fledged kitchen can seem overwhelming. We have put together our favorite remodeling ideas, design tips and trade secrets to help you get back to the kitchen and cook in no time. True owners share their affordable kitchen furniture upgrades, decor experts share their creative design ideas, and architects share simple ways to expand a small space without adding a single square foot. These kitchen renovation plans are practical, unique and functional.

When Sunset Editor Irene Edwards decided to remodel her Victorian home, the goal was to balance style and functionality. Since her husband cooks for a living, it is the most used space in Edwards’ house. But the original layout seemed cramped, with a low ceiling and a breakfast room separated by French doors. The architect removed these doors and reconfigured the kitchen into three areas: a cooking area with sink preparation, a corner for everyday meals and a larger sink area for cleaning. The removal of the low ceiling revealed almost three feet more in height, an enhanced feature by the addition of a barred ceiling finish, pendant lights and a library-style staircase.



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