"> 55+ How to Build a Rain Garden in Your Yard 2021

55+ How to Build a Rain Garden in Your Yard 2021

If you are worried about a damp or wet basement, a busy pump or muddy puddles in your back yard after a heavy rain, this story is for you. We would like to introduce you to a new tool that you can use to improve the drainage of a rain garden.

A rain garden is in fact a plant pond, that is, a garden plaster that you plant with special deep-rooted species. These plants help the water to seep into the soil quickly, away from your house and out of your hair. They lead the rainwater from the rain pipes through a gutter (a stone channel) or a plastic pipe to the garden. The garden absorbs the water and, if well planned, will drain it into the ground within a day. You do not have to worry about creating a mosquito gate. The water runs away before the mosquitoes even have time to multiply.

In the event of particularly heavy rainfall, excess water can run over the rain garden and enter the rainwater sewer. The rain garden has nevertheless done its job. It has drained water from your foundation and reduced the load on the sewer system. A rain garden also reduces the amount of lawn chemicals and pet waste that could otherwise flow into local lakes and rivers. In some communities the drainage problem is so great that houses with rain gardens are eligible for tax relief! Call your community to hear your local policy.



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