"> 56+ Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Stylish Cooks 2021
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56+ Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Stylish Cooks 2021

Black is a timeless color and extremely versatile that suits everything. At the same time, it can be a very intimidating color, though it is often an exaggeration based on a misconception. Take the example of black kitchen cabinets. Although theoretically the impression is that the kitchen is smaller, this is rarely the case, as most modern kitchens are part of open floor plans and a bold color like black actually helps visually delineate the spaces. The same applies to the kitchen island, which often serves as a room divider.

Black kitchens like Monique Gibson’s have great potential to stand out from the rest of the open space. In one of these rooms you can actually see a blackboard that is very intelligently integrated into the design.

Although it looks super comfortable and inviting and has this beautiful kitchen with black walls and a black marble island, it is not a home but a workspace. The office was designed by Studio BV and has an interior inspired by ideas of flexibility, openness and comfort. It seamlessly combines a range of formal and informal spaces in a very welcoming and professional environment.



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