"> 59+ Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks 2021 - Part 3
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59+ Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks 2021

Since mid-2020, the ever-evolving trends in kitchen and bathroom that shape and inspire our industry this year have taken shape. As we have thought about our time at kitchen and bathroom fairs and our numerous discussions with industry experts, pet magazine publishers, consumers and interior designers, there were eight trends in kitchen and washbasins.

Messy. That’s what people called it when you mixed brass with chrome fixtures or even brushed nickel with polished nickel. But now all cool kids mix metals to increase visual interest and depth. And we have even more choices for metal products in the coming months, because rose gold hardware and devices in various other warm finishes contribute to the many other options that are already available. Mark Woodman, president of the Color Marketing Group, predicts that copper and gold surfaces will experience their biggest leap ever in popularity. “You see that in countless iterations, both boring and polished,” says Woodman. “There are many accessories in copper and gold, really beautiful metals with a nice, warm appearance. Copper is the basic color for the kitchen.”



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