"> 60+ Best built in wardrobe designs images in 2021
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60+ Best built in wardrobe designs images in 2021

You do not need a dressing room to create a dreamlike storage space for your room. Combine the clutter of your room with beautiful bespoke wardrobes. Ceiling-height built-in wardrobes maximize space, allowing for better use of dead space. Built-in wardrobes make the most of tight corners and sensitive areas to keep floors and surfaces clear. They also save space by installing sliding doors instead of outward-opening doors. Built-in cabinets also provide a clean, sleek and clear appearance that ordinary bulky cabinets rarely have.

Whether they cover a whole wall or just a niche or a side of a fireplace, the result will be brilliant and fabulous.

Mix the wardrobes with the rest of the room by painting them in the same color, covering them with the same wallpaper, lining them or even doing something else – hide the closet doors in pretty plasters or woodwork, or make a statement with brass edges or statement handles with.

Regardless of your style, the closets and safes of the modern rooms offer modern and refined options that add extra space while adding to the decor of the room.



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