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61+ Best Garden Shed Design Ideas and Storage Shed Plans 2021

The web world of garden ideas is full of photos of poured ideas. Pinterest is full of thousands of photos on the subject and the world of blogs swims with many ideas. Some photos and ideas are good and some are better.

Best Garden Shed Design Ideas

At Overholt & Sons we have done research to collect some of the best photos of garden sheds. From our research hours, we have compiled a list of 30 exceptional and interesting photos. We distinguish them, not as the only ideas and photos, but among the best. We wanted to distinguish these 30 photos from the rest of the noise for inspiration, pleasure and enrichment.

The photos were chosen based on their unique, creative, exceptional or exceptionally beautiful character. They range from rustic to chic and from art to sober construction. Some are very close to nature and blend with their surroundings while others stand out. However, everyone should, in one way or another, represent truth, beauty and kindness.


garden shed plans

In the wide variety of options that exist to decorate the garden, pergolas and sheds are the best options to create different environments in the space and give it an elegant and distinguished appearance. By having these additional architectural elements in the design of our exterior, we also managed to make it more comfortable and welcoming to fully enjoy contact with nature.

Pergolas are ideal for decorating a garden and add a refined touch to the environment. There are a variety of materials and designs that fit the tastes and needs of each person. They are made of different materials or you can have them made.

When the size of our garden allows us to build additional spaces, having a shed can be very functional. At first, this type of element was intended to store tools, carry out house repair work and even to shelter animals. Today we can give it a twist and use them as a comfortable room, as we can see in the image.

garden shed kits

As an architectural complement to the outdoor environment, pergolas are an excellent option because they do not subtract physical space and can be a beautiful extension of the facade or entrance of the house, as we can see in this modern design.

Pergolas allow us to enjoy the outdoors but provide us with the necessary shade to protect ourselves from the sun. In addition, they can perfectly decorate a garden, thanks to the wide variety of designs that exist. This pergola shed adds a special charm to the garden look. The pergolas are perfect for letting plants grow in their structure and although in this shed they are not above it, it has beautiful wooden pots with herbs that delicately perfume the interior of this comfortable room.

Enjoying meals outside the home is an extremely pleasant experience, so the presence and design of this sensational pergola surrounded by plants and colors is a very inspiring space that allows you to enjoy the benefits of nature. This glass shed is perfect for creating an indoor winter garden or for setting up a nice living room or dining room that allows you to enjoy the unobstructed garden view. The glass gives it the feeling of lightness perfect for the environment.

small garden shed

The idea of this shed with a tropical soul is truly spectacular; the thatched roof, the wooden paths and lush vegetation all around, are the perfect setting to install a room with all the comforts, even the television and a small bar are included. To protect the shed and provide greater comfort, decorating its walls with vaporous fabric curtains is the best option, since they allow light and fresh air to enter, making the stay indoors more comfortable.

Lighting is very important in outdoor environments because we continue to carry out activities in them after sunset. The light design of this shed is warm, cozy and elegant. In addition to illuminating the dining room with recessed lights, it projects its light to the rest of the garden, achieving a sensational effect. The decoration of the shed should be in harmony with the rest of the garden and the house, so if you have a predilection for the classic style and with a refined touch, this is a good option for you. The detail of the curtains in gold give it a sophisticated and distinguished air. Perfect to shine like the sun.

This shed, created by an awning and curtains, is a simple and cheaper option than doing all the work in the garden. This space is perfect to enjoy the garden, meals and coexistence with all comfort. Accent and vibrant colors like red are perfect for adding personality to designs. This modern-style shed is simple but at the same time very elegant. The purity of the lines and the contrast with nature and the furniture is spectacular.

garden shed ideas

The distinguished combination of materials in this pergola adds refinement and style to the garden look. The wood combined with the metal achieve an exceptional avant-garde design and the furniture in sober tones reinforces the elegance that the design seeks to convey. To feel like you are in the countryside in the center of the city, the use of natural materials is a good way to imitate the landscapes and give it an authentic feeling of the land and what better from the comfort of a shed like the one we present to you in this image to give a touch of the countryside to your garden.

And to finish, we have this small wooden and concrete shed that shows us that there is no small space to achieve a special corner in the decoration of our garden. Decorated by two suspended chairs and an original lamp for a garden, the space becomes magical to say goodbye to the sun and sway with the summer night breeze.

The pergola is basically a structure that consists of columns that have a cover, which can be formed from a variety of different materials. Provides shade and lets in natural light, creating a unique environment in the garden, natural and fresh. The roof can be made of wood, canvas, beams, iron, or even simply made up of climbing plants. In combination with a selection of suitable garden furniture, the pergola is a perfect solution for the garden.

garden tool shed

The Box is a contemporary design garden shed, created to solve a space problem in a home. It is manufactured by Hudson Garden Rooms, a British manufacturer based in Wickford (England). Its specialties also include the design and construction of these prefabricated rooms, which are used as a work space, gym, grandmother’s room, etc.

For the construction of this shed, the architects used waste materials in all parts of it to form a new and meaningful space. The design of this modern shed shows us how inventive architecture and ingenuity can make design achievable for those on a tight budget.

Gray Griffiths Architects was the company that the owners sought with the request that they design this beautiful and modern garden shed that in addition to being a beautiful addition to the space also has multiple uses.Located in the back garden of the client’s house, the architects had to work with mature trees and a modest budget.

diy garden shed

The use of wood for the interior created a warm and welcoming space that encompasses the practical requirements of a manufacturer’s studio. There are open shelving, a skylight for natural light to filter through, and a wood-burning fireplace to keep the space warm in the colder winter months. It was important for the client that the construction was not restricted by the typology of the workshop and that it could be used as an office and comfortable. The company and the client shared the idea of creating a warm and welcoming space that encompasses the practical requirements that a workshop of a person who works with ceramics must have.

Situated on a residential street adjacent to Blackhorse Lane, the local area has a strong sense of community and rich industrial heritage. The studio’s front elevation emulates the architectural style of nearby factories with clean lines, a matte black finish, and a low sloping ceiling.

The project was designed to adapt to the residential configuration, it is located in the garden and next to it has a mature apple tree. By occupying only the garden space that the owners hardly used, most of the garden remains intact. Only a storage facility in the back reveals its depth.

garden storage shed


The design was created to fit reclaimed trimmed plywood sheets and windows and doors that were originally used as scrap. External grade birch plywood forms a smooth, even mosaic finish, exposed internally to add warmth. There are designated areas to relax and others to work.

The design of pergolas, such as one of gazebos, canopies or sheds, is quite a demanding activity due to the implications it represents: that is why it is always essential to resort to the professional figure of a technician.

In this article we will analyze the issues related to the design of each of these, following a clearly defined format: from the study of the definition to the characteristics necessary for its realization.

It seems that no matter how much space we have, we can all use just a little more storage space. I have used every inch of free space in my home, so I decided to come up with some little storage ideas for my garden. These projects are simple to complete and will make a great addition to your home.

These designs don’t quite reach my lawn, but they are still big enough to hold my family’s bikes, garden tools, and even trash cans.

outdoor garden shed

In department stores you can easily find sheds that are built in pieces, whether they are made of wood, resin (or pvc) or aluminum. The price of these sheds in department stores will be high and the finish will probably not be as desired unless the higher-end product is chosen.

A perfect solution is to build the shed yourself, although it must be borne in mind that it is not an easy task and less so if it is the first time that a job of this type is going to be done.

There is an incredible variety of models, solutions and designs for this type of design in wooden huts, and some even in kits, with the popular “do it yourself” format. The construction of modular homes has reached such a point of specialization that we can find different models even in the popular Amazon store.

However, if what is desired is a custom construction, the situation changes. This is for example what happens with the modern wooden houses of the Sommarnojen Architectural Studio. In this case, we will no longer find an economic house, but even in this case, a house integrated with the environment can be achieved at a price that is normally more affordable than that of traditional constructions (always with the same criteria of uses and hiring needs of architects, builders and other variables necessary to build the house)

garden shed greenhouse

The plans corresponding to each wooden house shown below have been provided so that its extreme simplicity can be observed and can serve as support for the design of a wooden house or hut in the Sommarnojen style.
Ordered from smallest to largest size, in the first example we observe a garden shed or cabin that can be used for different uses such as a small office, the installation of a spa or an intimate reading room.

Highly flexible wood and glass walls make this project by architecture student Caspar Schols attract the attention of the world of international architecture and design. Designed and built by himself, this building is defined as a space dedicated to his mother’s hobbies, a place where he can spend his free time, be used for dinners with friends, as a theatrical space with the small and improvised plays of his grandchildren, for his hobby painting and for meditation. Schols designed this pavilion without formal architectural training at the personal request of his mother.

The building is located on the outskirts of Eindhove, the Netherlands, next to a small pond in the garden of the designer’s parents’ home. Made almost entirely of fir wood, at first glance it looks like a typical shed, but in reality it consists of two independent structures, one internal and the other external, that slide longitudinally by means of bearings, achieving a great variety of different spaces depending on the needs of the moment. .

garden shed with porch

While the exterior walls are made of wood and a metal roof, the internal structure has been enhanced by a pursuit of wooden beams and glass walls.
The space has a bed that rises on the base of the raised platform of the structure, and a small black wood fireplace located in its center. So during bad weather, the walls can be closed in and create a warm and inviting retreat with outdoor decks on either side.

But when the weather permits, the outer shell is designed to slide open to offer more light, leaving the inner glass shell as protection from any rain or wind. Doors can be opened on the east and west side of the house to create ventilation. On warm sunny days, the glass shell can be separated to create an outdoor space in the center, where the bed, fireplace and furniture are open to the elements.

The other option, which Schols describes as “dinner or party mode”, consists of sliding the two glass structures outwards creating a covered space in the center, thus achieving a large interior space with table space for up to 30 people.

lifetime garden shed

Sheds and garden sheds are the best, and they do it all! They can become workshops; in spaces to store your gardening tools; in changing rooms by the pool; in garages for bicycles, motorcycles and cars; in yoga studios or guest houses … seem few functions? 😜

If you live in a modular or modern design house, you will have to choose a garden shed that does not clash with aesthetics.

This proposal is ideal if you seek to create a small refuge to accommodate your guests, or an outdoor dining room with a relaxation area, which can also be used as a study.

Yes, you were right, just like the one that appeared in Hansel and Gretel! And is that having a garden shed to store your tools does not mean that it has to be ugly or boring.

plastic garden shed

Why not paint your garden shed in your favorite color? It will be super cute, and if you decorate it with flowers and plants, and add light curtains with fabrics such as cotton, you will have a wonderful corner where you can spend summer afternoons.

On the one hand, a shed where you can store your garden tools. On the other, several wooden shelves that you can decorate with plants as an extension of your oasis.

Not sure what to do with the firewood? Get inspired by this shed and position it by size taking advantage of the gaps between the shelves. You will win a rustic corner and it works very well!

rubbermaid garden shed

With a cute two-color design and a highly resistant tile imitation roof, this resin shed will elevate your garden style to unknown levels.

With this shed made of fir wood you can have all your tools and utensils well organized. Inside there are several compartments, one on the left and one large on the right.

In addition, it is resistant to the elements, since the wood has two layers of waterproof paint, and the asphalt roof is waterproof.

Safe from rain and all kinds of inclement weather, a metal shed is what you need to keep your workshop well protected.

Depending on its size, you can also use it as a garage for bicycles, motorcycles and even cars.

how to build a garden shed

As any gardener knows, a large number of specialized tools and equipment (shovels, trowels, shears, gloves, and the like) are needed to grow, weed, transplant and prune plants. A garden shed provides a dedicated place to store everything, plus lawn care equipment and supplies, away from the unrelated clutter in most garages.

But a shed can be much more than just a storage closet. It can serve as a focal point on your property, adding a defining element to your garden. It offers a nice place to putter and pot, start seeds, propagate cuttings and divide plants to share with friends. And it can be a comfortable and peaceful escape from the demands of a life full of schedules, and a place to commune with the outside.

To function to its full potential, no matter its size, a garden shed needs a few key features: at least one window, ideally to let in light, views and fresh air; enough floor space and space to allow you to stand and walk; and a workbench of some kind, for touch-ups with plants or for maintaining garden tools.

building a garden shed

Beyond providing the basics, let your imagination be your guide. As you’ll see on the following pages, these miniature houses inspire oversized creative expression. “Sheds are truly intimate spaces,” says designer Ken Smith, owner of Gardensheds.com. “This is why we see that people go out of their way to customize them, trick them and make them fit their individual needs.”

HOW MUCH? Plastic resin sheds start at about $ 500 for a 4 by 7 footer. You can get a basic 8 x 10 foot wood kit for around $ 1,800. Prices rise quickly from there with larger sizes and additional features. Custom designed and built sheds range from $ 50 to $ 200 (and up) per square foot.

Bricolaje o alquilar un profesional? A menos que tenga una prefabricada en camión completamente ensamblada, su cobertizo deberá construirse desde un kit o desde cero. Un bricolaje experimentado podría manejar cualquiera de las dos cosas, dado el tiempo suficiente, aunque las manos extra son una gran ayuda. Un equipo de un centro de origen o fabricante puede erigir un cobertizo en un día o dos. Es tu responsabilidad preparar la base del cobertizo.

small garden shed plan

¿DÓNDE COMPRAR UNO? Los centros residenciales y las madererías venden kits en una variedad de estilos, materiales y tamaños. O vaya en línea para explorar un mundo más amplio de fabricantes de cobertizos prefabricados y kits. Algunos envían a cualquier parte Otros entregan solo dentro de su región.

Parts are cut and partially assembled at a factory for easy delivery on a flatbed truck. Shed kits come in many sizes, styles, and materials, including wood, composite wood, and steel-framed plastic (as shown).

PROS kits speed up assembly compared to building from scratch. Their purchase prices and transportation costs tend to be lower than those of similarly sized prefab sheds.

Factory-built sheds benefit from a level of consistency and quality control that is difficult to achieve in the field. Just make sure there is a clear path for a forklift to take the shed from the truck to the base (as shown).



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