"> 81+ Best Outdoor Patio Ideas and Backyard Lounge Designs 2021
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81+ Best Outdoor Patio Ideas and Backyard Lounge Designs 2021

The terrace is more than just a piece of usable space, it’s your chance to bring your vision of paradise to life.

With the milder weather on the horizon, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and create your own private haven.

From exotic casbahs to Tuscan terraces, there are no limits to the inspiring catalog of garden terraces. The works of stone and trellis, plants and flowers, reused materials and even textiles have found their place in the modern terrace design, regardless of comfort or neglected details. Your patio is your living room and your outdoor dining room. It can be enjoyed by your friends and family to the same standards you would use indoors.

As with any modern and well maintained outdoor area, the garden terrace promises years of luxury and tranquility. We all deserve a sanctuary where we can retreat and share in the same way with those closest to us. Your modern terrace is no exception. By following your design intuition and investing a little time and effort to create a professional-looking patio, your home reaches a new level of class and relaxation.



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