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Beautiful Kitchen With Marble Countertops Design Ideas 2021

When redesigning a kitchen, the counters are an essential element and there is no more classic choice than marble. Natural material is available in a wide range of colors and varieties from different regions of the world: the options are almost endless. Whether it’s Carrara or Calacatta, black, white or gray, these counters from the AD archives inspire the lover of marble who is looking for the perfect background for every meal.

There are thousands of kitchens with gorgeous marble countertops on Instagram and Pinterest, which allow you to become obsessed with natural material after scrolling through your feeds. Although there is no doubt that marble is beautiful, we would like you not to know, it’s a little maintenance. First of all, it is much softer than good old granite, instead of cutting directly on the marble, take a cutting board to avoid scratches. The stone is also porous, which means spills that are not immediately cleaned can stain – hi red wine!

The good news? Marble has many advantages. Marble is heat resistant, but to help maintain a marble countertop at its best, experts say pots and pans should be placed on a tea towel, a pot holder or a trivet. In addition, sealing a marble countertop on an annual basis will help resist stains and light scratches. Another good to know, there are many types of marble to choose from. Here we share our favorites.



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